RLE Safety Program

We are continually developing the RLE safety program to ensure that we remain a safety first company. Our management staff works directly with our field crew to ensure that safety practices are understood and executed in each and every project. we know that as our industry evolves in regulations, technology and project complexity so must our safety programs and practices.

Committed to safety in every aspect of the job.

At RLE we are committed to an injury-free culture. This is our foundation and we have the courage to hold ourselves responsible for our own safety and the well-being of everyone else.

RLE recognizes and accepts the overall responsibility for the occupational health and safety of our workers and those affected by our operation. Management is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment, as well as minimizing the risk of occupational injury and illness in the workplace. This objective is ranked equally with other organizational goals. In fulfilling this objective, we comply with acceptable industry practices and pertinent legislative requirements. In addition, we strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards that may result in fire, security, losses or damage to property.

Our safety programs and processes exceed industry safety standards, with a direct focus on an accident-free work environment for all. We believe that no safety deficiency can be overlooked, and all employees and contractors are required to exercise due diligence, not only to correct deficiencies but to focus on preventing unsafe acts and following best safety practices.